There used to be a time when everyone considered Social media a fad. But within less than a generation, social media has evolved into a vital 21st-century marketing tool. What began as a desktop or laptop experience has now become very much handy where the users could run the social media apps on their smartphones and can take their social media communities wherever they go.

What is Social Media Marketing? (SMM)

Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing that uses social media and social networks to achieve branding and marketing goals. Social Media Marketing allows a company to connect with their existing customers and also to invite the attention of the target audience to their products and services. Social Media Marketers use a wide range of strategies and tactics to effectively promote the content on the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. And if the content is good enough to attract the potential customers then it can drive traffic, sales and even long-term loyal customers for the company.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing can help your business in numerous ways and ensures brand success at a very minimal cost.

• Unlike the traditional communication methods, Social media allows the company to interact with their customers in a much faster and easier manner.
• Businesses get feedback about their products and services very quickly and it helps them to take relevant decisions to increase their sales.
• Consumers prefer to purchase the product they are familiar with. Social Media Marketing makes brand building simple and at the same time very much effective.
• You can measure success using Google analytics and decide which social media platform should be prioritised and which one should be abandoned.
• Expressing the brand’s opinion on a trending topic or other popular issue helps to connect easily with the people and also to stand out from your competitors.
• Along with the good times, Social media helps you to courageously handle the bad experiences and thereby plays a significant role in reputation management.
• Compared to other traditional marketing methods social media marketing is very cost-effective and result guaranteed.

Measure the Success of Social Media Marketing

Companies can analyse the success rate of social media marketing campaigns and make necessary corrections to their strategies through website reports like Google Analytics, Return on Investment (ROI), Customer Response Rates, and How many social media users posted about the company or shared their content etc. These will help the businesses to decide which are the social media platforms to be focussed on and what type of content should be generated.

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